Housekeeping & Hospitality

Don’t have the time to balance your work and life? We provide professional cleaning services to ensure your home is clean and tidy even after you’re back from a long day of work. Our skilled cleaners will clean your house with the utmost proficiency and efficiency. Let our experts handle the deep cleaning and let the service do the talking!

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Housekeeping & Hospitality ARS
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How we help you clean to provide you with a comfortable home?

  • Overall Internal Cleaning
    We help in the cleaning of the floor, wall, furniture, fittings, glass panels, windows, tiled floor, washing the bathrooms and toilets as well as air-cond.
    At the same time, we provide dusting services and help reduce allergens by ensuring no dust is left on your home. This includes lighting, fan blades, wardrobes, frames, tables and more.
  • Flooring
    We sweep and mop the floor of every area in your home to prevent germs. Switches and electrical points.
    We dust and wipe the switches.
  • Switches and electrical points
    We dust and wipe the switches.
  • Light Fittings
    Proper and safe cleaning of the lights and bulbs in your home by dusting and wiping it.
  • Wall / Ceiling / Overhead Fittings
    We help clean these hard-to-reach spots in your home by cleaning the dust and cobwebs.
  • Doors, Windows, and glass panels
    We keep your doors and windows sparkling by removing the dust at the window panels, wipe clean the door holders as well as glass panels.
  • Air-conditioning units
    We help in dusting and cleaning the external area of the air-conditioning.
  • Toilets
    We wash and disinfect all sanitary fitting and basins as well as wipe clean the glass and mirror.

Why choose us?

  • Professional and experienced project manager.
    ARS Management team has a skilled project manager that is able to delicate the task accordingly, manage the team and ensure that the team provide quality services to our customers.
  • Reasonable price
    We understand that each household have different cleaning expectations, therefore we provide different types of packages according to clients’ needs within reasonable price.
  • Responsible and Trustworthy
    Our skilled cleaners are accountable for their jobs to make your place clean. They are able to carry out their job perfectly without any supervision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It will depend on the client needs and can vary form 1 hour to 8 hours.

It depends on the package, taking into consideration the frequency of the cleaning services.

Unfortunately, no, the cleaning services have to go by contract where clients can choose a suitable package to suit their needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.