Our Services

our services

The cleaner the place, the safer the place

Our cleaning services include commercial cleaning service, post renovation cleaning service, housekeeping and hospitality and pest control.

We provide a full range of professional-level cleaning services to businesses in Kuala Lumpur. We desire to serve the most efficient service to satisfy your cleaning needs. Our well-trained and professional team are ready to do the cleaning work from A to Z for you!
Understandably, the aftermath of renovation is insane. We provide post-renovation cleaning services for all types of building renovation projects in Kuala Lumpur. Our post-renovation cleaning service focuses on providing effective cleaning service to remove renovation dust and mess to ensure you get a clean and healthy living place.
Don’t have the time to balance your work and life? We provide professional cleaning services to ensure your home is clean and tidy even after you’re back from a long day of work. Our skilled cleaners will clean your house with the utmost proficiency and efficiency. Let our experts handle the deep cleaning and let the service do the talking!
Struggling with pest problems in your home or business? We provide safe and effective pest control solutions for homes and businesses. We conduct a detailed inspection inside and outside of your place to identify the problems and provide the control methods to be used. Let our professionals solve your pest problems.